HR and Security

Human level

Recruitment of qualified people (managers, technicians, computer scientists, etc.)
Prospecting of young graduate technicians.
Our technicians follow training workshops by creating a rotary oven in order to master all the technical aspects related to the installation of refractories (Concrete + Brick) according to the rules of the art.
Advanced training in the use of machines and work tools in order to increase on-site performance (Gunite machine, Concrete pump, Brick saw, Electric vibrators, etc.)
All our workers are adults, subject to regular medical supervision and are covered by work risk and health insurance.

Security Level

Implement training programs (VFL) adapted to all actors, whether they are on permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts or interns
Award two trophies of LAFARGE MARCO celebrating our commitments to safety
Conduct an investigation and root cause analysis for all accidents, actions and hazardous situations that occur during work
Assessment of the risks related to each sector of activity.
Provide each employee with individual and collective protective equipment.
For each site, we appoint qualified safety managers.
Availability of materials in accordance with the rules of art to achieve a ratio (Safety / Performance)
Combating alcoholism, drugs and tobacco in the workplace
Inform our staff about the right to withdraw and the duty to alert in the event of an incident.
Engage our subcontractors to respect the same safety standards in the execution of the work.
Use the approved design offices to authorize our workers to operate the machines (knowledge of the regulations relating to lifting equipment, safety relating to the handling of the equipment, handling of loads)
Loading/unloading of equipment meeting standards....

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